Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci

This week, Anthony talks with communications expert Chris Ullman, about his brand-new book, Four Billionaires and a Parking Attendant. Chris shares details from his decades of experience working alongside some of the world’s most influential minds, sharing his “blueprint for building a career and a life.”

Chris Ullman: Your 80-20 Rule For Success

Cal gets some takeaways from the author of Four Billionaires and Parking Attendant. The book has been reviewed as, “a blueprint for building a career and a life.” Chris has worked in the communications department at the White House, run the public affairs office at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and worked with billionaires as Director of Global Communications at the Carlyle Group. The 80-20 rule can change your life – and there’s a lot more!

Chris Ullman on Finding Your Purpose in Life & Leadership

Tune in to hear Chris Ullman, a champion in both communication and whistling on today’s Liberty + Leadership Podcast! Join Roger as they discuss Chris’ remarkable career, his new book and the valuable life lessons he’s learned along the way.

Whistling for Billionaires and Presidents – Stories that Delight

Chris whistles Belle, Battle Hymn of the Republic and Take the A-Train; has fun conversation with TEDx Boston organizer John Werner.

Chris Ullman: Billionaire Whisperer & Whistling Champion – Insights From a Washington Power Player

Chris Ullman is a Washington power player with over two decades of experience advising billionaire founders at Private Equity giants like Carlyle and lately, Thoma Bravo. In this episode, we’ll discuss his recent book, Four Billionaires and a Parking Attendant, where Chris shares inside stories and lessons from his career working closely with these billionaires and an exceptional valet parking attendant.

During severe blood shortage champion whistler inspires by giving his 10th gallon of blood

The American Red Cross urges healthy individuals to give blood amid the coronavirus pandemic. Giving is a safe process and your donation will help keep the blood supply stable during this challenging time.

Texas Rangers welcome Chris Ullman

World Champion whistler Chris Ullman performs the National Anthem at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas, home of the Texas Rangers.

If You See Something, Say Something

“What can we each do to heal our divided society?” Chris Ullman, TEDxMidAtlantic

In this time of accelerated history and unprecedented change, each of us possesses unique insights and talents – their true impact often not yet discovered. Whether through incredible leaps in science or in simple grace amid great trials, all of us together will overcome today’s challenges to forge a surprising future.


Meet Chris Ullman, D.C.’s universally admired whistler

The four-time international whistling champion is a partner in “The Carlyle Group,” an investment firm. He’s been in Washington for 30 years, working at the highest levels in both private and public sectors. Along the way he has earned a reputation as perhaps D.C.’s only universally admired whistle blower. He speaks with Steve Hartman “On the Road” on CBS News.

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Carlyle’s former PR boss on working with and learning from finance leaders and billionaires

By Luisa Beltran • Fortune , November 27, 2023
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Chris Ullman on the Incredible Impact of Using Plain Language

By Robert Krueger

Chris Ullman is the Founder and President of Ullman Communications, LLC. Chris is also the author of two books, “Find Your Whistle” and his newest publication, “Four Billionaires and a Parking Attendant.” Chris joins guest Host, Robert Krueger, the Executive Director of The Communications Board, to discuss the importance of humanizing communication, understanding different perspectives, […]

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Successful Strategies with Chris Ullman

By Andy Andrews • The Professional Notices , October 24, 2023

On this week’s episode of The Professional Noticer, Andy hosts Chris Ullman – author, speaker, and award winning whistler! Tune in to hear Chris share what and who influenced him to write his newest book, Four Billionaires and a Parking Attendant, the strategy he developed to help him become the best at whatever he pursues […]

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PRESS CLUB C Podcast with Ray Keating

By Ray Keating • PRESS CLUB C Podcast , October 20, 2023

Ray Keating talks with Chris Ullman about his new book Four Billionaires and a Parking Attendant.  Yeah, there’s a lot to be learned, from humility and gratitude to “impatient patience,” and more.

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How to Build a Life Worth Living

By Timothy S. Goeglein • Daily Citizen , Oct 10, 2023

When you live in Washington, it is a rarity to really befriend, and remain friends, with someone for more than a few years, at best.  It is almost a way of life.  Happily, there are rare exceptions, and the revolving door has not spun in the case of my wonderful friendship with Chris Ullman.

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Helping the C-suite Tell Their Stories

• Leaders Magazine , Fall 2023

From day one my vision has been to help the C-suite tell their stories, differentiate in the marketplace, and solve knotty communications problems. I formed my firm in 2018 after leading The Carlyle Group’s global communications for nearly 18 years. After doing all I could for Carlyle and after working for other people for 31 […]

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From 1993 – 2000 Chris and Tanguay Desgagne were the reigning whistling grand champions, each winning four times.

Chris and his Mom Fran after winning his fourth and final grand championship in 2000.

Chris and Senator John Ashcroft, who share the same birthday, perform at a Christmas party in 2000.