“I first met Chris in 1994 when he whistled on the Today Show. I was smiling then and he’s made me smile again with this sweet and heartwarming memoir.”


by David M. Rubenstein, Businessman and Philanthropist

“Chris’s main point, so gracefully and humorously told, is that by having the skill to whistle in a way that creates joy in the world, he is doing what others can and should do: find their own whistle and use that skill or talent to bring happiness and pleasure to others. Nothing is so rewarding, in Chris’s view, than for an individual to find his or her whistle and use it to benefit others.”


“At that moment, I caught my first close-up view of George W. Bush, the forty-third president of the United States of America, leaning back in his chair, feet on his [Oval Office] desk, unlit cigar in his hand. Only then did I fully realize how freaky this whole thing was. I could hardly believe it was happening. I was on a conveyor belt…the president had ordered a serenade, and I was about to deliver it.”


“Whistling has allowed me to enter people’s hearts and lives in ways that have humbled and inspired me, and given me deep satisfaction and joy. Everyone has a whistle, large or small, fancy or plain. There’s something simple in each of us that can make the world a better place.”



An entertaining and inspiring book by Chris Ullman

About the Book

Find Your Whistle is the heartwarming, hilarious and outrageous journey of a Washington and Wall Street insider who uses his simple gift to touch hearts and change lives. In this sweet and authentic memoir, world whistling champion Chris Ullman – a managing director at one of the world’s most powerful private equity firms – tells readers how he found, developed and shared his whistle with big-wig politicians, special needs children, Wall Street billionaires, and more than 400 people on their birthdays every year.

Along the way Chris realized that you don’t have to be a hero to make the world a better place. Everyone has a simple gift – a whistle – to share with the world, one person at a time.

It’s an unlikely tale of persistence, joy, insecurity, love, adventure and the power of serendipity. From the Oval Office and center court at NBA games to Graceland and the pinnacle of the Washington Monument, Chris takes readers on a journey that entertains as it inspires.