Happy Birthday, Becky

May 31, 2017

The plane has just left the gate, rumbling toward the runway. Turkish Air headed from Istanbul to Hong Kong. My body was still adjusting to the radical time change, so I was eager to close my eyes for a few hours.

My cell phone vibrated. It was my wife Kristen, asking if I had whistled for Becky’s birthday. Becky is our babysitter Rocky’s mother.

“Ahhhgggh, we’re about to take off!”

“Well, if you like date night, you better whistle for her.”

I scanned the business class cabin and saw no flight attendants about; even they were buckled in.

The restroom was ten feet away. I unbuckled and was inside the bathroom in seconds. Speed-dial got me to the U.S. quickly, and thankfully Becky’s voicemail picked up; no time for chitchat.

I delivered a swift and lively “Happy Birthday,” flushed for effect, and made it back to my seat as the nose wheels left the ground.

Tragedy narrowly averted. Date night lives on!

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