Join Chris Ullman @ TEDxMidAtlantic 2017 Washington, DC October 27 & 28

October 17, 2017

In this time of accelerated history and unprecedented change, each of us possesses unique insights and talents – their true impact often not yet discovered. Whether through incredible leaps in science or in simple grace amid great trials, all of us together will overcome today’s challenges to forge a surprising future. Perhaps unfamiliar, it will […]

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A Whistle that Touches My Heart: Rocky Orfila

October 12, 2017

Name: Rocky Orfila Home: Alexandria, VA Job: Personal services business: Pet/house/babysitting Rocky’s Whistle: Giving Spirit How I Know Rocky: In 2004, our eldest daughter was in pre-school at the First Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. Rocky, the daughter of our daughter’s teacher, would babysit the little kids on parents’ night out. Whistle in Action: For […]

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