A Whistle that Touches My Heart: Rocky Orfila

October 12, 2017

Name: Rocky Orfila

Home: Alexandria, VA

Job: Personal services business: Pet/house/babysitting

Rocky’s Whistle: Giving Spirit

How I Know Rocky: In 2004, our eldest daughter was in pre-school at the First Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. Rocky, the daughter of our daughter’s teacher, would babysit the little kids on parents’ night out.

Whistle in Action: For years, on the mornings of our three kids’ birthdays, before dawn and long before any relative had called to offer a song or well wishes, Rocky Orfila would have already stealthily dropped off a package of treats by our front door. Rocky has a giving spirit that is second to none. She’s generous with her time and good spirit, never complaining, always cheery. Several times, she volunteered to watch the kids overnight so Kris and I could take trips to New York City to catch Broadway plays. At one of our annual house parties, though she was technically a guest, she supervised the gaggle of kids eager to try the zip-line in our backyard. A Pokemon devotee, Rocky spent countless hours with our three kids teaching them the intricacies of the cards and game. Without Rocky, for years there would have been no date night, the frequent outings that helped Kris and I have a stronger, happier marriage. We knew she was special when our kids asked us to go out so Rocky could come over. Over a decade, Rocky’s regular presence and giving spirit made a huge impact on our family that will always be remembered and appreciated.

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